Unban Request

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  • Unban Request

    Name of the banned account: ExultantSurgeon55

    Serial of your computer: 174A9BEF9C0D442BCDF4F2A6AB0A8902

    Forum Name of the admin who imposed the ban: [Vio]Zakuya

    ban reason (text on connect): Massive Insult

    Time of the ban: 20.12.2020

    What exactly did you do what led to your spell and what better thing can you do to avoid this in the future?

    I did a massive insult to some players and now im really sorry for that i can apologize to them and i will avoid this things in the future!

    Was the spell a lesson to you?
    Yes, I lost everything in vio and now i miss it!

    warum sollten wir dich entbannen?
    I got to teach myself a big lesson that i insult some players and im sorry for that i will apologize them :) !