Unban Request For The last Time

  • Entbannt

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  • Unban Request For The last Time

    Name des gebannten Accounts: Lyre
    Serial of your computer: 996D11BEFCFE58A4897F78F99CA65F03
    Forum Name of the admin who imposed the ban: [Vio]Zakuya
    Banngrund (text on connect): Admin Hetze + Schwere Beleidigung
    Zeitpunkt des Verbots: 30.6.2020

    Was genau hast du getan, was hat zu deinem Zauber geführt und was kannst du besser tun, um dies in Zukunft zu vermeiden?
    before I get a permanent ban,i get a 2 months bann and at that point the administrators haven't answered me. So I made hetze on admins at Shoutbox and [Vio]Zakuya warned me, so I got Permabann. Now iam sorry to all admins . I want my account to be unbann now. was ich mache.

    War der Zauber eine Lektion für dich?
    Yes. I lost my all connections from vio since 2-3 months. So I got a big lesson. I'm sorry wieder,

    warum sollten wir dich entbannen?
    i got a big lesson now and im sorry for that before i got an 2 months sdm bann and 1 sdm bann was not correct i was trying to make conversation with admins but admins doesn't answer me and i got very angry and i made hetze at shoutbox im sorry for that now please unban my account i really mised it .