Entbannungs frage für TS3 von xxxtentacion

  • Entbannt

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  • Entbannungs frage für TS3 von xxxtentacion

    me des gebannten Accounts: @XXXTENTACION.

    Serial deines Computers*: TS3 ID : EmXTy9uIGi2qpDnfv5UDiQyGR54= ( I formatted my pc so I can login but It is not allowed)

    Name des Admins, der den Bann verhängt hat: [Vio]Zomber

    Banngrund (Text beim Connecten): Insult as '' Nazi ''

    Zeitpunkt des Banns: I don't know but it is over 3 months. I can't see because my id is changed

    Was hast du genau gemacht, was zu deinem Bann geführt hat und was kannst du besser machen, um dies in Zukunft zu vermeiden?
    While i got in game ban. I wanted to talk this with zomber and tiger but when i wanted to talk tiger didin't want to talk with me so I contact to Zomber and I tried to talk over 1 week and after i been angry and I wrote '' Why all nazis cares only their religions'' because I was mad but in the same time I knew that All germans are nazi because Hitler was their leader like our leader is Ataturk. I thought it and said this. I'm sorry and also We talked this problem and Nazi history with Tiger but after 2 day of this chatting zomber banned me because of Insult as Nazi. I didin't know this is an insult. Tiger showed me this is an Insult. (Bigger than ''hs'')

    War der Bann eine Lehre für dich?
    Yes , I couldn't contact to vio because of my bans over 5-6 months.

    Warum sollten wir dich wieder entbannen?
    Because I think every 15-16 y.o teenagers can make misstakes of this age. I'm sorry I didin't know it means insult. Sorry @[Vio]Tiger @[Vio]Zomber

    Please forgive me Tiger and Zomber. I'm sorry