Entbannungsfrage von xxxtentacion nr-4

  • Entbannt

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  • Entbannungsfrage von xxxtentacion nr-4

    Name des gebannten Accounts: @XXXTENTACION.

    Serial deines Computers*: A00C3CF9ED10A97955A4B61C677C7384

    Name des Admins, der den Bann verhängt hat: [Vio]Zomber

    Banngrund (Text beim Connecten): Bannumgehung durch Accountsharing.

    Zeitpunkt des Banns: 12.11.2019

    Was hast du genau gemacht, was zu deinem Bann geführt hat und was kannst du besser machen, um dies in Zukunft zu vermeiden?
    [Vio]Tiger made fault while banning me.I got ban for 1 month becuase of her fault , When i try to contact with her , she did not care me on TS3 , My ban is end and i wanted to close that problem so I didn't want to talk with her but while i got unban , she gave me warn too with ban and that made me so angry because i couldn't play vio for 2 months and she did not care me. So I wanted to play in Sero52's acc but Zomber caught me and banned me permanently.

    War der Bann eine Lehre für dich?
    Yes. I lost my all connections from vio since 5-6 months. So I got a big lesson.

    Warum sollten wir dich wieder entbannen?
    Because I think I got my punishment. I couldn't play vio over 5 months. Thats sad. Please unban me

    Please zomber forgive me. It was my misstake. Sorry