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Unban ingame

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  • Unban ingame

    Banner account : rayanxane

    Computer serial: A37252ACEB7E882E896FE34120D72792

    Reason : Raccisme

    The administrator who imposed the ban [vio] Zomber

    What's wrong exactly what has led to your spell and what can you do better to avoid this in the future?
    I have written unnecessary and provocative comments in forum that insult players, which has brought me unnecessary warning. I will avoid this in the future too

    Was the spell a lesson for you?
    i have committed too much erreur and i know that i m so soory yes it was a lesson for me cause

    The ban start 8 may 2019 at 17:11

    Please administrateur i miss play vio for a long time even if there is a lot of server in mta i dont play it i just wait the unban for this best server

    Why should we unban him again?

    Because I am an active and nice user on Vio, and so I am back to the current state, maybe I would like to join faction and for that I need the forum too.