Hard Insult

  • Berechtigt

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  • Hard Insult

    ingame name: NOUR55

    Offenders: @BioIce
    possible witnesses:

    Time and date: 12 minutes ago 3/7/2018

    Description of the crime and evidence: I was standing in cripz base when that guy came and enterd my car...i told him go out of my car he told me why you killed me i roobed him and killed him and he knows this i told him shut up...He got out of car and said this words i asked a player is called @Bluetiger He told me its hard insult and can get banned for it !
    Screen shots : ibb.co/cHe0Dz
    Insta: nour_gamer55 :thumbup:
  • At least on my opinion i don't see there insult , He did not say nothing , at least

    <15:24:41> "NOUR55": tell Biolce to pay 20 k or 300 H ban i asked vio felix
    I think this is Threat on my members , Who is nour to decide how much ours Player need to be banned [No One]
    I guess that BioIce don't have that mount of money to be Given: Brake of this rue from Nour55:

    1.3.1 It's forbidden to blackmail users with complaints („Give me all your money or I'll write a complaint against you!!“).
    Nour Pls read it more clean ok.

    For insult i don't see there any insult by BioIce , and for sure , if you go on a private property the owner of the property ask you two times , than he have permission to call the cops or kick you out by use of Force , in this case if Fire- will kill you , just know that you are no allowed to do everything on a private property , for more info Read the Server rules , i see that I have done wrong thing , and for more SE on you to be dead ,

    EG: Go to your neighbors and tell them your family is shit , and they Always Die how they will react , will they kiss you and welcome you to the house or will they kick your ass to death.

    This is Real Life server , you work you live you stay U Die , that's the Game.

    Try to be more sure on the conversations , and look around , there have been Fire- , how you know that he have directed the words to you , maybe he have been on conversation with Fire- and not telling you on name. [No Proofs]

    There is no Hard insult , and nothing to be seen , On my opinion Mr. Vio Felix should move and discuss more about the situation with BioIce , i will let him know about the situation on the Game chat.

    For information Bluetiger is not He but She , try to Learn the Game.