• rules

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    • Forumrules

      Violations against these rule will be punished with warning points, which could lead to temporary or permanent sanctions.

      1. General rules

      Any forum activities with the following content are not tolerated here and will be deleted immediately:
      • Pornographic content or weblinks that lead to pornographic content
      • Illegal and/or racist content or calls to such activities
      • Instructions to execute illegal activities (e.g. illegal downloads)
      • Slanderous or harassing content
      • Software or services for the distribution of undesirable e-mail-messages (Spam)
      • Weblinks to pages that pay a compensation for each call (Referer-ID's, etc...)
      • Content that violate against the german law
      • Commercial or advertising posts
      • Insultings, agressiveness or hounding
      In case that some user stands out repetitively with that kind of content in his posts, he'll receive a warning or his account will be banned permanently.

      Users who are banned in the forum are not allowed to participate via third parties. This concerns especially complaints and apllications.

      Quotes from other users may not be used without their permission! (Censorship does not cancel this rule!).

      Double-postings are not allowed and will be removed

      2. Subforums

      Informations of internal forum areas must be kept secret from others who have no access to those areas.

      Contributions to topics outside the gameplay are allowed only in the intented forum area.

      Contributions must always be posted in for this intented forum areas.

      3. Miscellaneous

      Pointless one-lines are not allowed. One-lines without any message that serve only to increasy the number of postings are forbidden, too. Also contributions like "Yes.", "Thanks.". "I agree." are not neccessary and should not be posted.

      It's forbidden to use the BB-Code in order to change the text size in the shoutbox.

      Any publication of pictures that show real persons is forbidden, unless it's published by the shown person him/her self. By pictures with groups of persons a written declaration of agreement of all shown persons is neccessary. We punish contraventions if they happen in our forum, on our MTA-Servers or on our TeamSpeak. If it happens outside of any of our platforms then the providers of the same have to be contacted. The concerning person must contact the administration by him/her self!

      The distribution of pictures, videos or recordings of real persons are forbidden without permission of all involved.
      In exceptional cases they can be sent to a teammember without a permission in order to treat a complaint correctly.

      Useless push of contributions is forbidden.