Wantedrules & Road Traffic Regulations

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    • Wantedrules & Road Traffic Regulations

      Wantedrules & Road Traffic Regulations


      1 Wanted:
      • Mayhem (with close comber weapons or unarmed)
      • Hinder of officers ³
      • Harassment of officers ³
      • Insulting
      • Ignoring of orders ³
      • Escape of/from search ³
      • Possession of drugs (from 10 to 49)
      • Possession of mats (from 10 to 49)
      • Burglary and attempted burglary
      • Damage to property
      • Illegal advertisement (offering firearms, close combat weapons, drugs or mats, or searching them)
      • Threatening
      • Extortion
      • Illegal street race
      • Feigning of false facts
      • Driving without license
      • Robbery

      2 Wanteds:
      • Denial of searching (Person or trunk) ³
      • Use of firearms
      • Planting or harvesting drugs
      • Consumption of drugs
      • Possession of drugs (from 50 to 149)
      • Possession of mats (from 50 to 149)
      • Attempted bribery
      • Arms trade
      • Carrob (driver as well as all co-drivers)

      3 Wanteds:
      • Murder
      • Arms truck (Driver and any supporters)
      • Entry on army property (on and within the lane) ³
      • Entry on the SFPD parking lot (Backyard)
      • Allowance to deprivation of liberty
      • Possession of drugs (150 and above)
      • Possession of mats (150 and above)
      • Disturbance of a police raid *
      • Shop rob (gang activity)

      4 Wanteds:
      • Bankrob
      • Hostage taking
      • Entry in the SFPD interior without permission (Lobby-stay is allowed) ³
      • Fire with a rocket launcher (RPG)
      • Flying with Hunter or driving with Katyusha

      6 Wanteds:
      • Entry in the army base (Headquarter and aircraft carrier)
      • Entry in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) base
      • Entry in the garage of the SAPD
      • Terrorist attack
      • Terrorist with activated suicide bomb

      As soon as a person commits a crime, he gets the corresponding amount of wanteds. If he helps somebody with wanteds e.g. by driving the getaway car, this accomplice gets one wanted less than the offender already has, but at least one wanted.

      Sobering up:
      If a person under the influence of drugs or alcohol (from 0,5 alcohol level) is met, officers are allowed to give them a wanted in order to put them for five minutes into the drying-out cell.

      Arms truck:
      The arms truck transports illegal products. That's why any involved gets 3 wanteds. As participation counts: driving, co-driving, driving next to it, trucksurfing, attacking officers at the delivery point or building a blockade.

      Road Traffic Regulations

      1 Point:
      • Stopping by or parking on a road
      • Damaging of objects of traffic (e.g. lanterns, traffic lights, signs, etc.)

      2 Points:
      • Driving off the road
      • Use of smoke launcher

      3 Points:
      • Drinking and driving
      • Driving on the wrong side of the road
      • Driving in one-way-streets against the driving direction

      4 Points:
      • Landing on the road with a plane or helicopter
      • Driving under the influence of drugs
      • Causing an traffic accident

      5 Points:
      • Hitting or Running over pedestrians

      Attention: In a chase or in a flight from a search it is not allowed to give road traffic regulation-points to the drivers.


      ² On a person with 6 wanteds applies an immediate shooting permission, except if he is in his personal vehicle or in a No-DM-Zone or No-Sniper/No-Rob-Zone. In that case, the officers must bind him once and wait three more seconds, before shooting.

      ³ It must be warned thrice before giving the wanted. After the warning, the wanteds may be given.

      * The wanted is just given for disruptions in a raid-mission, not for base rushes or small raids on individual objects. The wanted is given for any stay in a raid zone (blue & blinking mark on the map, during a running raid) or any attempt to obstruct the state fraction members from destroying the illegal objects.

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    • The following changes to the Wantedrules take effect immediately:
      • "Shop rob (gang activity)" from 2 Wanteds to 3 Wanteds
      • "Robbery" from 2 Wanteds to 1 Wanted
      • Adjustment "Illegal advertisement via /ad (offering firearms, close combat weapons, drugs or mats, or searching them)" to "Illegal advertisement (offering firearms, close combat weapons, drugs or mats, or searching them)"